Welcome to Aero Astro's EHS WebSite!

This will be a place where information and helpful links will be housed and best practices will be shared.  

AeroAstro is striving towards being a leader in safety culture here at MIT.  This site will help with the communication of new initiatives and be a resource for all members to help our department rise to this challenge.

Since we are viewing this site as a living document and development should be a collaborative effort, please contact us or use the suggestions link on the lefthand side of this site, if you have ideas for additional information that can be put on this site.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT is committed to promoting a safe environment for all members, visitors and surrounding communities by maintaining cooperative, respectful and progressive working relationships, in order to promote responsible practices that reduce MIT’s environmental impacts, and protect the health and safety of our community at the operational level.