Here is a list of EHS related items that you need to complete when first joining AeroAstro.

1) Watch the Emergency Preparedness & General Safety Guidelines Presentation.  Don't forget to sign off on the embeded form to get credit. CLICK HERE to watch.  This video is a prerequisite to obtaining door access to AeroAstro space.

2) Affiliate with your PI/Course and complete your Training Needs Identification Checklist CLICK HERE  to complete this step.

Please be advised if you will be using any chemicals in your research. AEROASTRO would like you to have all of your 'Chemical Use' related training completed within 30 days of receiving door access.

  • General Chemical Hygiene Training (course 100) – This can be taken online through ATLAS
  • Read the AeroAstro Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan (course 111)-  The Plan can be read or downloaded from the link below.  Once you have read the Chemical Hygiene Plan please fill out the online form acknowledging that you have read it (This link can be found embedded in the Plan). CLICK HERE  for the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid (course 130) - This can be taken online through ATLAS
  • Managing Hazardous Waste (course 501) – This can be taken online through ATLAS

3) Contact your group EHS Representative and fill out the Lab Specific Safety Training Checklist so that you understand the hazards that exist in the lab space you will be working in. CLICK HERE for more information about this training