Lab Specific Safety

Each lab is different and has specific considerations when it comes to safety.  It is important that each member go through an introductory hazard/safety awareness training when they first join their group and annually there after. 

This training is usually given by the designated EHS Representative for the group but the PI can delegate this role to anyone who has the knowledge and experience to provide a good overview of the lab features.

List of AeroAstro PIs and Lab EHS Reps

Attached below is a checklist that shall be filled out for all new members upon arrival to the group.  Once this checklist is filled out, signed and returned to Marie or Anthony, credit will be given for this training.

Annually, during one of your group meetings, this checklist can be used as a resource to facilitate a general review of lab hazards and new instrumentation, procedures, chemicals, etc. can be discussed.  Provide Marie or Anthony with an attendance list (include date of training, full names and Kerberos IDs) and the training renewal credits will be given.

Lab Specific Safety Training Checklist

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