Shop Safety


Personal Safety:
- Always dress appropriately. No loose clothing- Ties, scarves, loose sleeves, jewelry etc. are prohibited.
- Wear appropriate shoes- No sandals or open toed shoes.
 -Always tie back long hair, including long beards, such that it is not able to hang in front of face/neck.
- Use brushes, hooks or other tools to remove chips and shavings. Never use hands, fingers or compressed air.
- Use the required personal protective equipment (PPE):
     o Everyone must wear safety glasses while in the shop.
     o No gloves while machining.
     o Wear disposable gloves when working with adhesives.

Shop Environment: Housekeeping Best Practices:
- Prevent slip/trip hazards: wipe up any spills immediately.
- Clean work area as needed.
- Maintain clear aisles and orderly storage of stock and supplies.

Shop Environment: Don’ts:
- DO NOT WORK ALONE! Always use the buddy system.
- Do not remove, displace or damage a machine guard.
- Do not prop open doors to the studio or shop or do anything to defeat
the locks.
- Do not leave machines running unattended.
- Do not throw hazardous materials in the regular trash. Ask how to dispose of something if you are unsure.

Self Awareness: Machine Operation
- Never use a machine or power tool until you have been trained and are knowledgeable on its safe use.
- Always keep fingers and hands clear of the point of operation by using push sticks, hooks and pliers.
- Safety is your top priority in the shop, if you have questions, ASK!
- Assess and appreciate the machines:
     o Know which parts move, which are stationary, and which are sharp.
     o Double check that your workpiece is securely held.
     o Always remember to remove chuck keys and wrenches.

Self Awareness: Safe Conduct in the Shop:
- Do not become distracted or distract someone else while operating shop tools.
- If you are fatigued, take a break.
- Know your resources: Who is in charge of the shop? Shop specific rules? Operator’s manuals?
- Listen to the machine. If something doesn’t sound right, turn it off and tag, “Out of Service”.

- It’s a privilege to work in MIT shops, violations of these rules may result in the loss of privilege to work in MIT shops.
- Always remember, the best safety devise is between our ears!